SHS Class of 1965

Our Heroes

Class Members Who Served In The Military

Donnie Wykoff - US Marines Steve Pennington - US Army
Joe Beyers - US Navy Ed Covey - Army National Guard
Van Holtsclaw - US Navy David Pierce - US Army
Gary Conley - US Army David East - US Army
Rick Bailey - US Army Mark Underwood - Army National Guard
Steve Mikels - US Air Force Vic Fitzgerald - US Army
Ronnie Maddox - US Marine Corps David Daugherty - US Marine Corps
John Price - US Navy John Fish - Army National Guard
David Knight - US Marine Corps Mike Elliott - US Marine Corps
Mike Kimbley - US Navy Buddy Paledino - US Navy (Seabees)
Jim Deputy - US Army Jim Ritter - US Army
Terry Hash - US Army Randy Roberts - US Navy
Arnold Shelton - US Army

This list is a work in progress. If you know of a classmate who served, please contact Terry K.