Vicki Valdez Allen


Hello and welcome to my bio! 

 First and foremost I want to thank Terry, Jim and Joanie for putting this web site and reunion all together.  If I could have one wish for this website it would be; that the class of 1965 would have the opportunity to be reunited once more, and I do know they are working on it

I would like to make one comment first; as Jim previously wrote many of you may not have felt like you were a part of the in-crowd of the class of 1965 and did not join, or participate in all of the local happenings at that particular time.  Keep in mind there was not more of an outsider than me; I did not have a drivers license, much less a car, a class skirt (the one with every classmates name on it), decent wardrobe, spending money, or even a boyfriend.  The relatives I lived with were extremely strict, and very religious.  But I had wonderful class mates who were my escape, very friendly and accepted me just as I was.  (Even if I was Mr. Ruch’s magpie, and Miss Denny’s wonder!!!).  Please keep in touch and know that I sincerely love each and every one of you. 

Now…after high school and my broken ankle…remember??? I returned to Wyoming to a few months of rehab for my messed up foot.  I finally healed and was able to enlist in VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America.  Back then we trained right with the Peace Corp, I served with 2 years with the Migrant Opportunity Program in Arizona and was assigned right on the Mexico/USA border, Nogales, Arizona-Nogales, Mexico.  I know you will get a kick out of knowing that my main job was to keep pregnant women from crossing the border into the US and giving birth on US soil.    

In 1968 I married, had one child, (son), my husband died, I remarried in 1975 I married an awesome man, and had 2 more children, a son and daughter.  I know I might drive my husband crazy at times because he still is wondering when I might grow up and get past my teens. 

My husband Bill works at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant located near Carlsbad New Mexico .  Bill is a Quality Assurance Manager and spends most of his days making sure all workers are following their policies and procedures to the Tee.  Anyway this is what he told me when I asked him what he does all day.  I just know he drives 120 miles round trip every day.

Our daughter Sara lives in Fort Worth , Texas , has two beautiful children, Sonia and Auggie.  Sara graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Master’s from Texas Woman’s University, and has a very successful business.  Our son Wesley has 4 children; Alexis, Diego, Pedro, Evadne, he works in public relations with Gino Green Global.  They design clothing for Rap singers, Wes is a talented artist.  Our oldest son Robb, has one son Kade.  Robb is traveling the country as a surveyor to locate underground utilities. Originally he was to be a Park Ranger but different circumstances took him down a different path. 

Bill and I were married in Wyoming and soon after moved to Idaho for 14 years, and now we have been in New Mexico 18 years. While in Idaho I worked at the local county jail as a jail training officer.  In New Mexico I completed my Masters and taught High school, the behavior students; this was no different than the inmates I took care of in Idaho . This last year my husband insisted that I retire from the school district.  It was a very difficult decision, I honestly loved those types of students, and they reminded me of my youth.  Hahaha!!! If Mr. Ruch could see me now!!!  I resigned mainly due to my health.

In the fall of 2004 a local doctor punctures my bowel and my bladder after an office procedure.  In early February I was having extreme painful symptoms of the abdomen.  Finally in class one day my stomach burst open and the horrible nightmare began.  Death was at my door, I was rushed from my local hospital to Lubbock Intensive care where I vegetated for several weeks in a coma.  After I awoke and numerous surgeries including a trach, I was transferred to a nursing home to die.  My daughter and my husband kept a vigil over me and located every hospital and care center to aid in my recovery.  I ended in Fort Worth / Dallas area and have spent 18 months in hospital over the last 3 years.  I‘ve just completed my 18th surgery in Dallas and it has been deemed a success.  Praise the Lord!  Even my cancer bout was nothing compared to the miracle God has performed on me now.

I keep busy with church and at home.  Bill bought me a 16 by 24 metal building for a craft workshop, as a retirement gift.  Bill had it all set up with TV cable, Heat pump, telephone, and a refrigerator, now I have plenty to do.  The shop is fully stocked with wreath making, stamping, woodworking and other crafts.  I know I will enjoy this. 

I am planning to travel to Bedford Indiana the last week in July to the Williamson reunion.  I enjoy keeping up with some of the classmates, Joanie, Debbie, Terry and Jim Deputy.  Jim keeps me on tract with emails and is a great corresponder, I love his emails. 

Please keep in touch and make sure you make an effort out to our next reunion, I hear there is going to be great door prizes.

Best wishes and may our Heavenly Father bless each and every one of you, please pray for one another.


All my love,

Victoria Valdez-Allen