Terry Kluesner                                                                         


(Bio submitted January 2007)         

 It's hard to believe it's been over 40 years since I last trod the halls of old SHS. What follows is the Reader's Digest of what I've done (so far) since high school.

 I attended Purdue for a year and dropped out. I married my high school sweetheart and moved to Bloomington. We had two sons and built a house by Lake Monroe. In '74 I went back to school at IU. The next year my wife and I were divorced. I dropped out of school again and moved back to Bedford.

A few months later I met my current wife, Stephane. We were married in '76 and moved to Bloomington. In 1978 we moved to Fort Myers, Florida and still live in that area. I went to work for a heavy/highway construction company in Fort Myers and retired from that company (after several changes in ownership) in 2005. I now work for a land development company in Fort Myers. Stephane works for an architect firm and does commercial interior design.

 In '78 I began attending night classes at Edison College/USF in Fort Myers and finished  in '84.

 We now live near Fort Myers in Lehigh Acres. It was a small, quiet place when we moved there but has grown rapidly.

 In '84 we took custody of my sons and moved them from the Chicago area to Fort Myers. As any family with a step parent knows, the next few years were a challenge.

 My oldest son, Jeff, now lives in West Hollywood, California. He went to California to go to music school and never came back! He is married and has one son and one daughter.

 My youngest son, Tyler, lives in Cape Coral, Florida. He has two daughters.

 At this time (the beginning of 2007) my folks are still alive and living in Bedford. We have lost both of Stephane's parents.

 Stephane and I have taken up pottery with the goal of starting our own little pottery and craft business when we decide to retire. You can see examples of Steph's craft work on our web site, www.doolittlemills.com.

 Steph and I were corner workers at road racing events around the southeast for several years before buying and racing our own car. You can read about our racing at www.teamkluesner.com.