Lynette (Pitman) Sipes                                                                         


(Bio submitted August 2007)         

 I am not sure just what to say as I don't feel my life has been all that exciting. But since Terry asked for this here goes.

After high school Joe and I were married and had 2 great children who in turn gave us 4 beautiful grandchildren. But I am skipping ahead, so let's backup a bit. As most of you know, Joe loved cars. So long story short we have done everything from racing stock cars and go-karts to showing rod & custom cars all across the US and Canada.

We have a son Ron and a daughter Michele. When Ron was 10, Joe bought him a go-cart and he raced for a few years then Michele raced it. Then Ron went into racing our stock car. After that I thought our racing days were over but when Joe retired he started racing go-karts. This is his 10th season and he is very good. All of them were very good, winning most of their races. And just so I could say we were a racing family I too raced once.

Ron and his wife have given us 3 beautiful grandchildren: Josh will be 17 on Oct 28 and the twins: Kylie Joe and Nathan will be 3 on Oct 7th. They live on Hwy. 50 so I get to see them often. Michele and her husband Toben live in Austin, Texas. They gave us a grandson, Thaelon Tate, on Feb 18, '07. God has been very good to me. He has given me more than I ever deserved. He gave me the family I pretended to have from the time I was a little girl playing house, and many friends so what more could anyone ask?

As for myself.... I was a hairstylist for a while. I worked several years at White Water Lodge doing the peoples hair there. Later I took a course to become a decorative artist and I taught for a while. Part of the teaching was at Shawswick in Jr. High art. I have done polymer clay, needlework... all sorts of crafts. I like to camp. We go to Florida or Texas now in the winters. But mostly I love playing with my grandbabies.

Now I am an independent distributor for Monavie, a nutritional beverage. What a difference it has made in my life. As I age there are more pains than I would like to admit and this has done wonders. I hate taking pills and most of the time I forget them anyway. So drinking the juice is much easier and at least I know what is in that. Check it out on the web at

I lost my dad in Nov 1991 and my Mom in Jan 07. And there is such a hole in my heart now. So for those of you who still have your parents with you visit them often and let them know just how much you love them. They will be gone before you know it.