Susan Smale                                                                       

  (Bio submitted October 2007)         

 After graduation I was married on April 8, 1966 at the Bartlettsville Christian Church, to Terry Smale (nickname Oog) as many people know him.  He was a Heltonville boy so naturally we moved to Heltonville.  On February 9, 1967 we had our first child.  His name is Timothy.  We enjoyed him alone for almost 4 years when our second child a girl, Heather was born on December 14,1970.  After having 2 children we decided  we didn't want or couldn't afford any more children.  One of each was enough for us.  I was a stay home mother till both our children started school.  In 1973 we decided to build our own home we live in now on Ramsey Ridge in Heltonville with the help of both of our fathers.
     My first full time job was working as Medical assistant at BRMC in Bedford.  So my career started in the medical field filling a lot of medical rolls.  Terry worked 3rd. shift at General Motors and I worked day shift so our children could be cared for by us.
     We have gone thru some sad times, Terry losing his father in January 1978 to a sudden heart attach.
     Our son graduated in 1985 from Bedford North Lawrence and going on to college.  Our daughter graduated in 1989 from Bedford North Lawrence.  Our daughter decided that she wanted to get married.
     We then went thru some more sad times, with losing my father in March of 1987 from cancer.
     We went thru the empty house syndrome like all other parents do.  We enjoyed our freedom again in life.
     In June 1992 our first grandchild was born a boy named Dalton.  He was our pride and joy.  We seemed to enjoy him almost more that we did our our children (you could send them home when you got tired.)
     In February 1994 our second grandchild was born a boy named Dakota.  He was also our proud and joy.  He had some medical problems at birth and spent 4 to 6 weeks at Riley Hospital.  We finally were able to bring him home and he has done fantastic ever since.
    In January 1999 our third grandchild was born a girl named Taylor.  She's really a all American girl, giggles, boys, and lots and lots of clothes, shoes and etc. (Hannah Montanna her favorite idol,)
     We went thru some more sad times losing my mother in May 2002 from congested heart failure.
     Times fly by, Terry retired from General Motors in 1997 after 30 plus years.  I am continuing working till later in life.
     We have traveled to many states such as, Florida, Hawaii, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Illinois.  We both love to travel.  We go to different parts of Florida for 2 weeks of Christmas and New years. ( Since our grandsons are teenagers and always busy with friends and family during the holidays and don't need us as much as they use to.)
     Our future plans are, I am planning to continue to work till I am 65 years old, if my health holds out then we both will totally retire to maybe a warmer climate in the winter.