Is it forty years worth of biography? If I attempted that I fear it would be as full of redactions as to confuse more than elucidate. So let me proffer an attempt at encapsulating where I am, with getting here more aside.

After our graduation in 1965 I went to my graduation party which ended sometime in 1977. I then entered into an exciting and rewarding career of entrepreneurship. That led to many distant shores both physically and metaphorically. Much of that time I was involved in telecommunications albeit in many different aspects. Through all of that I did manage an advanced degree by the time I was forty (you will recall I was a bit of a procrastinator).

 “Setting sail on the sea of life” I believe that was an analogy we used. I was confident that I knew everything I needed to know. My ship charted a path full of wonderment and knowledge that was awe inspiring. At every turn delivered numerous mind enhancing opportunities. So now in the philosophical stage of my life I find ironic absurdity in it all. I am dumbfounded by the enormity of what I do not know and shocked at how little I understand in regards to what I do I know.

 I now reside in Maryland as near to Washington D.C. and Baltimore as practical and still be able to ponder over a cows bellow occasionally (you can’t take the country out of the boy). I am married to a lovely lass from Dublin Eire known affectionately as Mac. I have been blessed with six of the most beautiful children anyone could ask for. Four are grown but luckily we still have two boys at home ages seven and three (at this writing). They are the secret to the fountain of youth and serve to keep me young.

 I have a milliard of sign offs and quotes that I favor, but the one that has kept coming back from those days at Shawswick till now comes from Robert Frost.

 “And miles to go before I sleep

  And miles to go before I sleep”

 Best to all!!