Reida Karen (Sanders) Cummings


  (Bio submitted July 2007)   

1965 Graduation!! That was in the last CENTURY. Yes, you are old too. How do you know when you are old? Play on the internet. Your grandson asks if you are dieing age! The 12 year old girl cashier asks if you get a senior discount! One good thing that comes with ageing.

1965, July 24, Truman Dennis Cummings and I were married. We moved to Columbus, IN. Denny worked for Cummins Engine and I worked in the office at Reeves Electric Co. We build a new home east of town and our first son was born in 1967, David. Denny tried to farm his home farm in Heltonville, attend National Guard meetings every weekend and go to night school for a drafting program for Cummins. After David was born it proved too much. In 1968 Denny took a job as a stone draftsman at Heltonville Stone Co. We moved back to the farm. Built another new home and reside there, hopefully forever. I worked a year in the office at Extruded Alloy in Bedford. In 1970 our second son was born, Michael. Thinking I needed to fulfill my drem to be a hair-stylist, I went to beauty school. Finished in '72 and put a beauty shop in the garage of our home and still operate on a part-time basis. I was happy to be able to work and stay home with the kids, grandkids, neighbors' kids, dogs, etc. 1976 brought another child, Janel. The boys were glad they didn't have to be ginny-pigs in the beauty shop anymore. Now they wish they had some of that curly hair back.

OK. Three great kids: David is an electrical engineer for GM. 2 children. Michael is a stone draftsman (and gets to deal with Jim Owens occasionally). 2 children. Janel is a Gemologist, married and no children yet.

Four beautiful grandchildren, a real highlight of our life. We really enjoy chasing them around to watch them play all kinds of ball. Ages 14, 13, 11 and 11. Three will be in school at Shawswick this Fall.

Denny retired 3 years ago from GM. We have had a motor home since the children were small and it has been a real memory maker for us. Many trips South and West. A few years our summer vacation included 10 to 20 other teenagers and an old school bus traveling to visit several Bible Colleges. Those experiences could fill a book. We've not had a lot of free time but I make time to sew costumes for The Bedford Little Theatre, work Red Cross Blood Drives, and Hillcrest Christian Church. Our traveling the past few years have been on tour busses with the church groups. These are great fun and included New Your City, Niagara Falls, Maine and Alaska. Life has been hard but very good, I'm interested in reading your bios soon.    

P.S.  I forgot to mention I love chocolate, funny email and diamonds.