(Bio submitted March, 2007)

After we graduated from old SHS, I immediately went to Nashville, TN to a trade school. Before I got out of that, I found out that I was number 3 on the draft list for the Viet Nam conflict. So, since I was going to get an invite anyway, I enlisted in the Navy.

 I took my boot camp in San Diego, California. From there I went to New London, Conn. for submarine school. I rode submarines for about 3 years.

 We played war games several times out of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with the American Fleet. We also took several goodwill tours. We went around South America, hitting18 different ports. After that, we toured the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

All of that time in the military we were stationed out of Charleston, SC and Key West, FL.

 Being on submarines, I have been to a lot of places, but by the same token I have been a lot of places that I didnít even know where I was, especially in the North Atlantic. But I can imagine that some people didnít want us where we were.

 After I got out of the service I got married and drove trucks for 5 years

 In 1975 I was hired by General Motors in Bedford.

 My wife and I have 4 children: Kristie, Joey, David and Stephen. We have no grandchildren yet. Iím beginning to wonder if they know whatís going on. My daughter has been married for 11 years. She married a boy she met in college. He is from Memphis, TN. They live in Grand Rapids, MI. 

My youngest son, Stephen, married a girl from Brazil, South America. They have been married 6 Ė 7 years and live in Pittsburg, PA.

 My oldest son (Joey) lives in Bedford, is not married, and does not have even have a girlfriend to speak of.

 My middle son, David, lives in Nashville, TN. He has musical fame in his eyes right now, though he is just barely getting by. But as you probably know, we canít live their lives for them. Right now he is slated to go to Japan in September for some company in connection with what he hopes to be his money maker.