Joan Fuller Mitchell                                                                         


(Bio submitted July 2007)         

As most of you know, shortly after graduation, I married Jerry Mathews. We had two wonderful children, Tyrus (Ty) and Tracy.

In 1982, I married Paul Mitchell. Many of you met him at the last class reunion. With our marriage, I increased my family size by two. A step-son, David and step-daughter, Linda. Paul and I have a beautiful little 9 year old girl, Gigi, that rules our house and us as well.

Paul was a teacher and builder, he retired in 1987. During this time I had started a home based floor covering business. We have worked together building the successful business we have today.

During our marriage we have lost our parents and Paul's brother. We have been blessed with 9 healthy grandchildren. And we have the good fortune to be healthy ourselves.

I have always pretty much been a hometown girl and love the simple things in life. My pastime passion would be genealogy. I worked on my family history for 15 years and have traced 5 families. I also like decorating, antique shopping, yard sales, fishing, boating and working in the yard. I like to stay busy, but on cold winter days I like to curl up by the fireplace and watch a good movie. I treasure friends, and have always loved home and family.

Over the years I have worked in many programs for the school, at church, and at political parties. I have been active in the Elk's and The Exchange Club.

My dream someday would be to help get a limestone museum for the city of Bedford. To help preserve the history of the past for the next generations to appreciate.

I believe as we all get older, and have more time on our hands and we get more sentiment, that our childhood days, family and friendships become priceless, a true treasure to hold on to. I look back now and feel very lucky to have known so many special classmates and had the opportunity to go to a school like Shawswick. And mostly remembering the bonds we shared growing up together.

I love the fabulous 50's and 60's era. Elvis would be my all time favorite singer. I also enjoy country music.

Blue, yellow and red are my favorite colors. But just about everything I buy is black or white.

I love all the different seasons of the year, but I have to say that Fall is my favorite season and Christmas is my favorite Holiday.

My biggest weakness is sweets.

A special evening out would be going to OUTBACK (I love steak), followed by a movie. I enjoy comedies, true stories, romantics, and I do like westerns.

I seldom watch TV, but I enjoy HGTV, Hallmark movies and Fox news.

While I love each and every time period in my life, I loved my childhood days. And if I had to pick one part of my life to live over, it would be then. The simplicity, and most of all, the greatest love you could ever know or experience in a family is during your childhood.

God Bless