SHS Class of 1965

In 1965 ..................

Lyndon Johnson begins first full term as President
Malcolm X assassinated
The movie Sound of Music premiers
First combat troops arrive in Viet Nam
Russian becomes first man to walk in space
Gemini 3 – first two man crew to orbit the Earth (Grissom and Young)
Martin Luther King leads the March on Selma
My Fair Lady wins Best Picture Oscar
Rex Harrison wins Best Actor Oscar
Julie Andrews wins Best Actress Oscar
The Astrodome opens in Houston
The Palm Sunday Tornadoes hit six states
NY Worlds Fair opens
US troops sent to Dominican Republic
Jim Clark wins the Indianapolis 500
Fred Lorenzen wins Daytona 500
Gemini 4 – Ed White makes first US space walk
Mariner 4 sends first pictures from mars orbit
First US plane shot down by missiles in Viet Nam
Shawswick Class of 1965 graduates
Bob Dylan “goes electric”
Medicare and Medicaid established
Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act
The Watts Riots in Los Angeles
Beatles play first stadium concert in rock history (Shea Stadium)
Hurricane Betsy is first storm to cause $1 billion in damages
Fidel Castro allows open emigration to the US
The Pillsbury Doughboy is introduced
Days of Our Lives debuts on television
Tokyo becomes the largest city in the world
US launches nuclear reactor into space (SNAP-10A)
First commercial communications satellite placed in orbit (Early Bird)
100th anniversary of the end of the Civil War
Charlie Brown and Peanuts on the cover of Time Magazine
First Australian troops arrive in Viet Nam
First draft card burnings take place at Berkley
First National Skateboard Championship is held
Rock group Jefferson Airplane begins performing
Gemini 5 – first 1 week space flight (Cooper, Conrad)
Casey Stengel retires from baseball
UCLA wins NCAA basketball tournament
Alabama ranked #1 in college football by Associated Press
U Thant recommends China for UN membership
The Tom and Jerry cartoon series debuts on CBS
First South Korean soldiers arrive in Viet Nam
Gateway Arch is completed in St Louis