Becky (Connors) Probasco

         (Bio submitted March 2008)

   Once in awhile, when we least expect it, a moment shapes our lives and stays with us forever. For me Rebeccca Cecila Conners, that moment arrived on the first day of school when I scooted next to Joanie in one seat. From that moment on, we became best friends a friendship that would last a lifetime.
   Many more precious friendships were made that day and during my school days at Shawswick. And my fondest memories revolve around the years we spent together in school. We really had the best times of our lives.
    Joanie, Kathy Stipp and I were cheerleaders my last year at Shawswick. My family and I moved to the north side of Indianapolis, where I graduated from North Central, the largest school in our state. What a change in my life.
   I went to beauty school and graduated in 1967. I worked in California and in Indiana. I continued to work in the beauty field all my working days.
   I met and married a navy man and had my first daughter, Danette. The marriage did not work and I moved back to Bedford with my baby girl. With my return, a new life, peace, tranquility and a sense of belonging again. I unleashed a dream and opened up my first hair salon.
   I married again and my second daughter , Tessa was born. But unfortunately that marriage didn’t last either.
   Working very hard and being a single mom bringing up my girls and building up my business, I continued looking for Mr. Right. I met my gentle, honest and handsome husband , Ronnie.  The man I had looked for all my life. We were married in 1985. We find so much joy and contentment in the simple things in life and just being together.
    In 1998 a life changing thing happened to me and I became handicapped and no longer able to run my business. I have had many health issues and struggle everyday to get around.
   I feel incredibly lucky to be able to open my windows and smell the fresh air, see the sun shine and hear the birds sing. I thank god everyday for being here and the time he has given me to be with my family.
   We have 4 beautiful grandchildren: Josie 13 , Jessyln 12 , Brayden 9 ˝ , and Haley 4 ˝ . God blessed us with wonderful grandchildren and a great life together to make it complete.
   My oldest granddaughters go to Shawswick now, they make me very proud.
   I enjoy crafts and like to transform simple things , like pinecones and nuts into wreaths and accessories with texture and design. I also enjoy going to yard sales , I love to bring home a fabulous find. And fishing with the family gives me great pleasure and the opportunity to spend time with the family , and it gives me memories to cherish for years to come.
   Today I like to cozy up at home in my comfort zone and remember the fond memories of my days at Shawswick. The best group of friends a person could have.
   The worst thing that ever happened to me was losing my wonderful parents, just 8 weeks apart. I thought they weren’t suppose to die. I actually grew up at 50. I had to.
   I am the oldest of 2 sisters and 1 brother. We share the family farm and get along. I am head of the family now and try to carry on.
   Life is good . And seeing my friends again is wonderful.
Thanks to all,
Becky Probasco